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    We'll help you turn your customers into friends!
  • guy

    is a team of marketing, design and programming profesionals whose sole aim is to help your brand become friends with its customers on social networks, on the internet and offline.

    We empower brands to make full use of the posibillities of social networks, help them chose the best communication strategy and create compelling Facebook pages and applications, manage Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and of course deliver high quality programming, design and consulting services.

    • Facebook marketing

      Facebook pages

      Aims, strategy, action plan - where to begin, how to engage customers from day one.
      And, of course - day to day management of your properties on Facebook.

      Facebook applications (apps)

      We take care of everything from the initial idea to its completion - design, programming, publicity, moderation... You won't have to worry about a thing.

      Facebook advertising

      We help you choose the best target audience, prepare all necessary copy and visual material. Our extensive experience while working with Facebook ads will help you reach the audience that best responds to your call to action.

    • SSocial marketing strategy

      New VS. Old

      New client aquisition usually costs much more than keeping the old ones. Unfortunately, many brands forget that and abandon client relations and communication with existing customers. That makes them lose the clients' attention and prevent any forms of succesful mouth-to-mouth advertising.

      We strive to change that

      We'll help you chose the best course of action to show your clients, that you really care about them and, with time, convert them to loyal friends of your brand.
      Social networks, internet, traditional advertising - we'll help you chose the best means available and reach the best possible results.

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